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Empowering Women for a Better Tomorrow

About The Project

As part of the Women Empowerment Program, the Home Food project provides entrepreneurship opportunities for women to own and operate a home-based catering business.

The goal of the program is to create effective solutions and economic opportunities for women, especially refugees and immigrants, to support their wellbeing and human needs as they integrate into the community. A home-based business can provide income and create a healthier environment for their families.

This program empowers the community and strengthens the economy. It also encourages cultural exchange, personal connection, and deepening of community bonds. Moreover, it is a great alternative to fast food by providing access to healthy food.

Why Home Food Project?

It empowers women to make a living cooking what they love from their own homes. They support their families by making homemade meals prepared as ordered and catered to customers. This is not only a great financial support for the family and a service to the customers, it also introduces Middle Eastern food to the community.

Customers enjoy delicious and authentic food. This is great for people who are looking to taste authentic homemade dishes made by skilled and talented women, who have learned to cook recipes handed down to them from generation to generation.  

Business Workshops:

ACCIS supports protecting the health and safety of Californians and implementing standards for health and safety code by training interested participants who want to cater to the community and participate in fairs and festivals. 

ACCIS conducts workshops on the steps to create a home-based business and the requirements to obtain the necessary food permits, translated to their language for those who need it. We assist workshop participants with their application process and provide guidance and support for the required Food Safety Education and training to meet specified requirements pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code. This code allows individuals to prepare and/or package certain non-potentially hazardous foods in private-home kitchens. We also provide helpful tools and resources on implementing sanitary operations.

Those who obtain such permits and meet the requirements can participate in community events, food booths, food sales, festivals and seasonal operations in addition to catering to the public in the community.

For the Business Workshop Presentation

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