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Empowering Arab Immigrants

ACCIS thrives on community engagement, actively creating a welcoming space for Arab immigrants in Sacramento. Through carefully designed initiatives, we help to empower individuals to succeed and seamlessly integrate into the broader community fabric. Tailored resources and support cater to unique needs, fostering a sense of belonging. ACCIS actively participates in community events, celebrating diversity and contributing positively to the well-being of Arab immigrants in Sacramento. We believe a strong community is forged through shared experiences and mutual support. ACCIS takes pride in its role in creating a thriving, inclusive environment where success is measured collectively.

At ACCIS, we believe that true integration goes beyond individual support—it extends to active participation, cultural exchange, and shared experiences. Our Community Involvement Program is your invitation to join us in creating a tapestry of connection and understanding. ACCIS recognizes that building a sense of community is essential for newcomers and refugees. Our Community Involvement Program is designed to foster engagement, celebrate cultural diversity, and actively participate in the tapestry of Sacramento.

Some of Our Community Involvement Activities 

Our Upcoming Activities

Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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