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Welcome to ACCIS's Women Empowerment and Wellness Program, dedicated to supporting immigrant and refugee women in building new lives. Our initiative offers skill workshops and entrepreneurship support for professional and personal empowerment. We prioritize cultural integration and community connections through events. 

The goal is to provide effective solutions and economic opportunities, especially for refugees and immigrants, addressing their well-being and human needs during community integration.

Our programs, led by native Arabic speakers, offer authentic training, understanding the cultural barriers to success. Overcoming language barriers is crucial, as it can limit individuals' capacity to learn and communicate effectively in their new environment.

Our Programs

1- Childcare Licensing Training: Our program guides participants through the steps to complete licensing requirements and open their in-home daycare. We provide comprehensive training, covering business and marketing basics, and aiding in the preparation of a business plan. Participants who successfully complete the program receive a certificate of attendance and complimentary educational materials and toys to support them in getting started. 

2- Food-Based Business Workshops: a platform empowering women to own and operate their own food-based businesses. Our workshops guide entrepreneurs through registering small home-based businesses, obtaining necessary permits, and provide guidance on Food Safety Education. Completion of the program opens doors for entrepreneurs to become licensed vendors, enabling participation in community events and the sale of their products.

3- Women Empowerment Certification Workshops: A program dedicated to empowering women through education. We focus on building self-esteem, addressing challenges, and imparting knowledge about general rights and duties in the host country. Completing the program not only earns participants a certificate but also includes incentives, contributing to their ongoing empowerment journey. Join us in building a resilient community through the strength of empowered women.

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