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Referral Services

Welcome to ACCIS Referral Services, where we recognize that navigating a new community is both exciting and challenging and can be overwhelming, especially when faced with unfamiliar systems and processes. That's why we offer you resources to make your integration process as smooth as possible.


Through fostering connections within the community, our goal is to transform challenges into opportunities.

Join us in this journey of new beginnings. Whether you're a newcomer seeking assistance or a supporter eager to contribute to the program, ACCIS welcomes you. Together, we can build a community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and create a brighter future.

Key Components

  • Employment Assistance: Connect with job opportunities suited to your skills.

  • Health Referrals: Access essential healthcare resources for your well-being.

  • Immigration Support: Navigate complex processes with our guidance.

How it Works

  • Personalized Support: Addressing your unique needs.

  • Community Connection: Fostering bonds with cultural integration activities.

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Furniture and Kitchen Items Needed

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Thanks to your donations of beds, kitchen items, and clothes, valued at over $66,270, we were able to support 39 families of 5-6 members each since October 2021. We appreciate your support!!

Help us assist newly arrived refugees to Sacramento with furniture and household items. 

We are in need of volunteers with a truck/van to transport the donated furniture to the new families.

Your generous gift is greatly needed and a wonderful way to support newcomer families in need.

ACCIS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; TAX ID 84-4603778. Cash and/or in-kind donations are tax deductible. 

Contact us at 916-672-1183 or


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