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Empowering Women, Nourishing Communities

About the Project

The Food-Based Home project, a pivotal component of our Women Empowerment Program, offers entrepreneurial opportunities for women to establish and operate home-based catering businesses. Here's a snapshot of the project's essence:

Goals and Impact:

Objective: To provide economic opportunities for women, especially refugees and immigrants, supporting their wellbeing as they integrate into the community.
Benefits: Fosters economic empowerment, cultural exchange, and community bonds. Additionally, it promotes a healthier lifestyle by offering access to homemade, nutritious food.
Why Food-Based Home Project?

Empowerment: Enables women to earn a living by preparing and catering homemade meals, contributing to family support and introducing Middle Eastern cuisine to the community.
Authenticity: Customers enjoy delicious and authentic homemade dishes crafted by skilled women, offering a taste of Middle Eastern culinary traditions.
Business Workshops:

Health and Safety Focus: ACCIS prioritizes the health and safety of Californians by providing workshops on creating a home-based business. This includes guidance on obtaining necessary food permits and complying with health and safety codes.
Support: We assist participants throughout the application process, offer translated materials for diverse communities, and provide guidance on Food Safety Education to meet California Health and Safety Code requirements.
Access to Events: Those obtaining permits can participate in various community events, food booths, festivals, and seasonal operations, enhancing economic opportunities and community engagement.

For the Business Workshop Presentation

Support the Home Food Project—a transformative initiative empowering women entrepreneurs while enriching communities through diverse and authentic culinary experiences.

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