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Summer Camp Lead

Coordinate and lead activities for children at the ACCIS summer camp, provide guidance, support, and ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants throughout the program.

Summer Camp Lead


• Camp Programming: Work with Summer Camp team to plan, confirm, and coordinate all details of summer activities.
• Camp Location: Look for a space to book for the camp.
• Supply Requests: Track supplies needed for successful implementation of lesson plans and update budget.
• Food & Gift Donations: Contact businesses for summer camp gifts for participants; and meals and snacks donation by email, online portal or in person to request donations for a day or more of the camp.
• Communication: Stay in contact with camp teachers, facilitators, volunteers and parents and address any issues or concerns.
• Supervise camp attendance-keeping: Collect daily attendance sheets, ensure accurate counts; delegate responsibility to teachers as needed for keeping up with attendance sheets, incident reports.

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