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2024 National Arab American Heritage Month: 
Celebrating Resilience and Diversity

Sacramento, March 31, 2024 - The Arab Community Center for Integration Services (ACCIS) proudly joins the nation in celebrating National Arab American Heritage Month under the theme "Celebrating Arab American Resilience and Diversity." This month-long observance honors the rich cultural heritage and significant contributions of Arab Americans across the country showcasing resilience, innovation, and commitment to community.

ACCIS, a volunteer-run organization empowering Arab immigrants and refugees in Sacramento, is using this month to appreciate the past, present, and future of Arab Americans. Since its inception, ACCIS has supported newcomers through programs like Women & Youth Enrichment, Referral Services, and Cultural Integration Activities.

ACCIS's Women Empowerment Program connects skilled women with entrepreneurial opportunities through training workshops and consultations, fostering professional and personal empowerment. This program has trained over 100 immigrant and refugee women in childcare licensing, food-based businesses, and personal growth, indirectly impacting over 700 community members.

Sahar, a former refugee who initially faced challenges in Sacramento, successfully started her own home-based childcare business. Inspired by her journey, Sahar volunteered with ACCIS's Women Empowerment Program, where she established the Childcare training program. Sahar assisted women like Rabab, who became a small business owner after completing the program and opening her own childcare from home. Sahar's leadership at ACCIS continues to empower women and strengthen families and communities.


As part of the observance, ACCIS invites the community to celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month by checking on family and friends facing challenges, learning about Arab American history, culture, and contributions, supporting Arab-owned businesses, sharing stories of Arab American artists, writers, and musicians, and connecting online to learn more about Arab American heritage.

We invite you to share your activities and pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages to join the celebration of Arab American resilience and diversity! Join us in celebrating Arab American Heritage Month and supporting ACCIS's important work. 

Let us continue to celebrate the vibrant heritage of Arab Americans and work toward a more inclusive and understanding society.

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