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Our Mission

Arab Community Center for Integration Services (ACCIS) is a non-profit organization that provides transitional assistance to newly arriving immigrants and refugees to Sacramento through Referral Services, Women and Youth Empowerment Programs, and Cultural Integration Activities.


Our services are open to all community members of the greater Sacramento area. We partner with organizations in providing services to the refugees and to the community.

Summer Potluck Picnic
نزهة الصيف العائلية
Summer Potluck Picnic.png
Food-Based Business Workshop

Thank you to all who attended the Food Based Business Workshop on Saturday 6/11/2022 either in person or on zoom, and to Sacramento Valley SBDC for making this workshop possible!

Big thank you to Zinah Al Naseri, Business Advisor at Sacramento Valley SBDC, for the great information presented at the workshop.


Anyone interested in learning about or needs assistance in starting a business or food licenses can contact Zinah Al Naseri for a free consultation in Arabic using this link

نشكر جميع الذين حضروا ورشة العمل لإنشاءالأعمال الصغيرة وتراخيص المأكولات يوم السبت 6/11/2022 سواءً بالحضورشخصياً أو من خلال زوم. كما نشكر مركز تطوير الأعمال Sacramento Valley SBDC الصغيرة 

لإستضافتنا في مركز التدريب الجديد والسيدة زينة الناصري مستشارة الأعمال في المركز على المعلومات القيمة التي قدمتها للحضور


للراغبين في معرفة المزيد أوالبدء بإنشاء مشروع صغير يمكنم التواصل مع السيدة زينة للحصول على استشارة مجانية من خلال الرابط 

Financial Education Workshops
دورة التوعية المالية 

باللغة العربية

In Arabic

A series of workshops in Arabic providing awareness on issues related to banking, credit cards, budgeting, money management and more.
Second session is on

Saturday 7/23/2022

from 5-6:30 pm

On zoom


سلسلة حلقات مجانية باللغة العربية للتوعية المالية عن كل ما تحتاجه لإدارة أمورك المالية والمصرفية في الولايات المتحدة. يحصل المشاركون في جميع الحلقات على شهادة حضور
موعد الحلقة الثانية:

السبت 23 يوليو 2022  

5-6:30 pm

On Zoom

Furniture and Kitchen Items Needed


Thanks to your donations of beds, kitchen items, and clothes, valued at over $14,500, we were able to support 17 families of 5-6 members each since October 2021. We appreciate your support!!

Help us assist newly arrived refugees to Sacramento with furniture and household items. 


We are in need of volunteers with a truck/van to transport the donated furniture to the new families.


Your generous gift is greatly needed and a wonderful way to support newcomer families in need.


ACCIS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; TAX ID 84-4603778. Cash and/or in-kind donations are tax deductible.  

Contact us at 916-672-1183 or

Food Photography

Learn about getting licensed in any of the following food programs:

•Community Event

(Temporary Food Facility)

•Cottage Food Program (Selling food made at home)

•Catering Operations 

•Mobile Food

Donate Your Working Computer, Laptops and other Techs

 تبرع بالأجهزة الألكترونية الصالحة لدعم تعليم المرأة تقنية الحاسوب


Donate your working computer, laptop or tablet to support women in learning computer skills.

Contact us at (916) 672-1183 or

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